Thanks from Our Users and Customers

We love receiving e-mails from the users browsing our site and our customers who take advantage of our inspection and consulting services. We've reproduced a few of those messages below, and we'd love to hear from you, too!

George -

We want to thank you again for your thorough inspection of our condominium.

It was very helpful in our decision about purchasing here. We are really enjoying the location and are are putting up with all the re-construction.

You correctly identified the roof and siding problems. The law suits netted a million dollars and the owners' assessment is another million. You had estimated that our share might be $25,000. It is - $25,196.00. The former owner put $10k in escrow towards that. All the roofs are being replaced with repairs to some of the structure. All the siding is being replaced, and the windows and doors reset. A big, long job - but we think it will be worth it.

Thanks again! M and B

Dear George,
I manage a condo building in Portland, OR. The residents are very happy with my work but I am struggling to improve and thus I found your website absolutely fantastic. In particular, I appreciated your advice about the politics of condominiums. It is a relief to know other people face the same issues!

Best regards,

Hello George,

Thank you for completing the report so quickly and sending a copy to our attorney for the meeting.

The meeting was very informative. What a day. The attorneys were kind enough to fit me in on short notice ( I am sure your referral helped with this).

I called them when the DPD could not confirm that this property would be considered a legal lot. It was suggested to me that (in Seattle) I would have to find records proving that the lots were "somehow segregated prior to July 24th, 1957". I was unable to find any firm evidence of this. Which ran me straight into your caution that if it might not be considered a "Grandfathered" lot and if there was a catastrophic event which damaged the property... obtaining the necessary licenses to rebuild the structure would be an uphill battle and most likely a loosing one. I found evidence that the lot was substandard even at the time it was carved out of the main property and that while building permits for its specific address were requested... a true document stating and proving clear evidence of legal separation could not be found.

Because of this the DPD strongly recommended obtaining a full (extended) Title Report (They did not feel the Title Report we were provided with was sufficient - but I would need to confirm this), and to work on obtaining a Legal Building Site Letter from the DPD at a cost of $1000.00. The time needed to obtain this document is currently running 1 month...well past the set closing date.

I shared all of the information I was able to obtain with our attorney and she advised us to "kill the deal" based on our inspection contingency.

So I am sending my deepest appreciation for the work you have done in helping us to avoid a poor real estate investment. Your report alone should have made us back away. THANK YOU. In the future we will be sending our attorney any paper work regarding real estate transactions before we sign and ,as always, trust that you will help us to make an informed decision. Perhaps next time things will work out a little better... but what could be better than avoiding a huge mistake?



This is a very helpful site. Thank You.


Hey there, I was doing some research for a customer, and found your site. I just wanted to let you know that it is well laid out, and very informative. I hope all is well with you.


Your website is what I have needed all along. Straight forward information, logically organized. Wonderful. I have bookmarked it and I am going to share it with my husband. As we prepare to remodel our home, I will keep all of your wonderful advice and consultation services in mind. I found your sight while searching on google for "home improvement construction schedule."

We had terrible problems with our architect that of course stemmed from miscommunication - we don't speak architect, he does. We are looking forward to hiring a contractor who will be a great manager and good communicator. Your website has definitely helped me. In case you are interested, we are building a website to document the process - I haven't really put the war story about the architect up, but it would be a great one for your q & a list.

I hope I won't need your services, but if I do, I won't hesitate to contact you. Again, thanks for sharing all this great info. Wish the BBB and the FTC would follow your lead.


Mary Kate Brandon

Memphis, TN


I will need to re-roof my home in 2-5 years and was considering returning to cedar shakes (which are still under the two layers of asphalt). I am an avid wood worker and try to be conscious of the wood I use. I had not even considered the fact that Cedar is, although common, not to be found as in the days of old. Thanks.


George, many thanks for your help this morning. As we discussed, your prediction about the electrical system of the house was proven correct, perhaps a little sooner than C. and I anticipated.

Many thanks again, N.

Just wanted you to know I really enjoyed your website. I have learned a great deal going through it. I am preparing to build my own home next spring and I enjoyed the contractor side. I am going to be the general on my on home and your website helped a great deal.


Enjoyed your web site! It's well laid out, easy to navigate, fun to read (love the ugly photos), informative, not overly detailed etc etc etc.

Home owner in SF Bay Area

Hi George,
I found my question and your answer. Thank you so much for the thorough and reassuring information you gave. What a relief to find out that I can still protect my cedar siding, and that the copper roof will last at least my lifetime. I'm going to give a page printed with your information to my painter, who said he could treat the siding next spring.

I found your web site by searching the web for any site that included "red cedar shakes." There were dozens of sites and so it was by luck that I tried yours. I really appreciate the help and am very happy to know that there's such an expert source for me to go to with future renovation questions.

Thanks again,

I really appreciated visiting your website yesterday. I found it enormously helpful. I especially liked the timeline of tips and suggestions.
Thank you.


Just a short note to say Thank-You very much for the input and information. I'm sure that it will go a long way in helping our Board of Directors make the right decision regarding our window situation.

Best Regards


Thank you for your response to my question. Appreciate it.

Thanks for the reply to my question. I can't recall how I found your page, but I have a pretty sure feeling I used the Google search engine checking for insulation and heating duct information. Your reply seems to steer me in the right direction, thanks.


Thanks for your quick response!! I really appreciate your willingness to share your talents...we'll keep you posted on the rainstorm.

:) Derry

I just want to say thank you so much for answering my question. Found the problem which happened to be the pipe attached to the shower head. Had to remove a panel in order to get to the other side of the pipe but it is all tightened now and working just great. Thanks again. I really appreciate your site and your help.

By the way, I found your site just snooping around the web--thank heaven.

Hello The Sound Home-

I was doing some research on your Web site (I'm doing some home remodeling), and noticed that the organization that I work for is listed as a resource at:

On Line Resources

However, the URL you have is no longer any good, so people can't find us through your link. If you could update it to our new server address, we would really appreciate it!

Washington Toxics Coalition

Thanks for your attention to this, and thanks for the great information on your Web site.


Ken Steffenson
Washington Toxics Coalition
4649 Sunnyside Ave N Suite 540
Seattle, WA 98103


I like your web site.
It's very useful.
Go on!



H. called this afternoon to let us know that an electrician found that the problem was very real - it will cost $1,785 to repair. The upgrade will be completed prior to the purchase of the home.

George, you were correct to point out this fact - your honesty and integrity is greatly appreciated.

Much Thanks,


Thanks for your help regarding the air handler problem I presented to you.

After much stress and time finally it was replaced with another one from another unit in the complex. It is old but not leaking. I am referring to Question #1133.

Thanks again. This is a great service and site.

I found your web site by doing a search on 'Basements'. Your information regarding my question was very helpful. Keep up the good work!

Sue from Warren

I just wanted to tell you that after a lot of searching on the web, this is the most comprehensive resource I have found for all my ridiculous little questions, and the big ones. There is just not enough "hand-holding" available that doesn't have a dollar sign attached to it, and I am really happy I found this site. Thanks for all the effort put into it.


Music to my ears....Drake and George on KIRO last Saturday!!! Thanks, Kathie

From: Ross
Subject: Love your Web site!

I just discovered your Web site. It looks great!

Thanks for the help. I have no significant feedback yet because I've just begun to explore.

Thanks again, Ross

Thank you for your help, your guess is about right on an abatement company ($3500-$4000). I guess we're going to live with the acoustic ceiling for awhile.

Thanks again.






Thanks a lot for your advice
We did find one heating contractor who gave us the same advice as you did (all the others wanted us to get a new heating system on the roof). Better drainage is what we are going to do.

Thanks again for your service, Peter


Thank you for the answer to my question :) it really gave me some good insight.

All the best


Thank You
Thank you for all your helpful information and suggestions. We are also adding onto the house so we may be able to do a "test site" on the wall that will be torn down to see what condition the original wood is in. We also love the movie "Tin Men"...Levinson is a local film maker (movie set in Baltimore, MD).

Thanks again, Jennifer

Thank You!
Thanks so much for your quick response! I was truly surprised to come home from work and find it - especially Friday night before Labor Day weekend. Wow.

You've confirmed my thoughts on the carpet, now I've got some work ahead of me. Sure wish it wasn't glued down...

Thanks again, Pat

Many thanks for your advice
Your reply is just another reason why I believe the Internet community is becoming more and more an essential part of everyone's life. Your suggestion to check for a GFI equipped outlet in my garage was right on. I reset it and my bathroom outlets are back in business. I believe too many hair dryers going at the same time in different bathrooms may have been the cause.


Thank you for the suggestion
My builder is going to see if it is feasible to do a poured concrete foundation. Although the builder did mentioned something about "if the grade of the land is too steep, the cement truck may not be able to negotiate the terrain".

Again, thank you! This Internet is really great!


Thank you so very much for your response
I agree with your assessment, when one detail shows poor quality workmanship, it is an indication of other errors.


Thanks for a Nice Web Page
Thanks for such an interesting and informative collection of topics, to the lay person "homework" can seem to be a true's hoping a little knowledge can go a long way!

Thanks Again - Lisa

No question. Just wanted to let you know this is a "super" site. enjoy it and find it very useful.