Siding Products

The history of failed siding products keeps growing. Here is a short list of "winners", "losers" and "products with some problems":


  • Quality Wood Siding
  • Hardi Board - a concrete composite product
  • Brick
  • Architectual Grade Metal Siding
  • Stone or Concrete Products
  • Siding installed on a good drain-down system

The quality of the building design, installation and maintenance practices are as important as the product itself.


  • Low Grade Wood Siding
  • Cement Asbestos Board
  • Wood Composite Siding - LP, Masonite, etc.
  • EIFS - Exterior Insulation Finish Systems
  • Stucco in wet locations

Most of the problems with these products are related to extreme weather conditions plus poor design and installation.

Products with Some Problems

  • Vinyl Siding in wet locations and often poorly installed
  • Plywood T-1-11 a good product which tends to be poorly installed

Note: Polyvinyl Chloride has some potentially serious toxicity problems during manufacture and disposal. I don't recommend the use of PVC containing materials such as: pipes, vinyl siding and some roofing membranes.

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