Magic Gutters

My friend Otto and I have long dreamt about inventing a self cleaning and non clogging gutters system. We are sure that such an invention would "make millions". Our project has not progressed past the stage of dreaming about the spending of those millions.

In the meantime, various other folks have come out with their versions of the "Magical Gutter Systems" and attempting to make millions in the process. Some of these folks are making some money, and some of these new gutter systems have some good features, but based upon my observations: our dream is safe. The self cleaning non clogging gutter system has yet to be invented!

The new gutter system are designed to work in a number of ways:

  • The screened gutter that is designed to filter out the leaves - and then you have to clean the screen. (There are some very good gutter screens on the market and I am proud to have one of the very best as a sponsor of my site, no magic, just a very good product! See the box regarding LeafFilter bellow!)
  • The gutter cover that is designed to allow rain water to flush the leaves past the edge of the gutter and yet allow most of the water to flow into the gutter. (Works relatively well with a small amount of dry leaves and heavier rain. Does little for fir and pine needles and works poorly in light rain. Hard to clean once the gutters are clogged.)
  • The hinged gutter that flops open/down when full and is supposed to let all the debris fall out and then spring back into place. (Requires heavy rains to work and seldom springs back into place.)
  • The chain downspout that is designed to keep the water flowing along the links of the chain to the ground. (Some architects love this design. It works in some light rains and makes for great icicles!)
  • The downspout port or screen that is designed to prevent debris from clogging up the drain system. (The screens make sense but require frequent inspection and cleaning - an easy job. The kick out ports tend to stick open.)

So what's the solution? <0l>

  • The best way to keep gutters cleaner is by reducing the amount of debris that falls on the roof and gutters: remove overhanging tree limbs and limbs within 6' of the house (this also reduces visits from rats, squirrels, ants, cats...)
  • Live with the facts of life: death, taxes and gutter cleaning. (The last of these can be largely avoided by moving to a dry area without trees.)
  • Don't trust "no maintenance" sales pitches.

    I have looked at all sorts of "magic" gutter systems and have found very little magic in any of them. But I have now found a system that keeps almost all dirt from clogging gutters, downspouts and drain systems. LeafFilter is designed to prevent needles, roofing granules, leaves and other debris from clogging gutter systems. Its stainless steel filter is rugged and makes the removal of debris from the roof easier. LeafFilter isn't magic, its just a darn good gutter protection system.

    And so I am very pleased to have LeafFilter NW as a sponsor of The Sound Home Resource Center! - George

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