Designing Your Deck

It seems that whenever I drive by one of the "box-store" lumber yards I find a small "demonstration deck" by the front door and a sign promoting the low price of the materials and the ease of construction. And I have little argument with either claim. Decks can be relatively inexpensive projects and they can be a relatively easy construction project. This leads many of us to shop and build first and design later, I know, thats what I did with my first deck in 1971.

But even the least expensive deck uses costly material and many hours of labor. And all decks require some maintenance. Good design and planing can help you:

  • end up with the deck you want and like,
  • know if this is a do-it-yourself project or one requiring a contractor,
  • stay on budget,
  • choose the right materials, and,
  • reduce maintenance requirements.

A good place to start is to look at some nice illustrations of decks, look for ideas and make some lists of preferences.

Wood Decks