Leaky roof/temporary repairs


I can't really afford a new roof right now, but have a leak in an area where there is a crevice.. or connection. I've used a black-jack type of patching stuff, but it isn't working. Any suggestion as to how I can patch it with the least amount of money?


The use of patching material at a roof flashing location or in a roof valley may complicate a roofing problem. The patching material can act as a dam and divert more water into the leaking area.

Temporary roof repairs may be possible, but often require the work of an expert. A successful repair may be a more complicated job than a new roof. You might want to bring in a professional roofer. Here are some questions to ask the roofer before the repairs are attempted:

(1) Is the roofing material in a good enough condition for such repairs?

(2) What are the chances of success, and what are the chances that working on the roof will cause more damage?

(3) If repairs are not likely to work, is it possible to replace just the leaking portion of the roof?

One sign of a good roofer is found in the analysis and candor provided by the individual. For example, a good roofer is unlikely to be able to guarantee repair work, and will tell you so up front.

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