Estimating Project Components - e.g. Driveways

Garages and Driveways

We have selected a five acre plot of land and are faced with the prospect of a 400 ft. driveway. If we used asphalt, how could we estimate the cost ?


Your question will require some additional details before it can be answered:

  1. How much and what type of prep. work is required before placing the driveway? Is grading involved? drainage? culverts? fill?
  2. Will you need a temp. driveway for the construction of your home? Installation of the finished surface prior to the construction is usually not a good idea, as concrete trucks and other equipment often damage the finished driveway.
  3. Will the location of the construction site require some extra travel time for this (and other) work?

Once you have answers to questions like these, local specialty contractors will be able to give you some good estimates -- George