Footing Drain Water Disposal


I recently moved into a tri level house with 2 drain tile systems on either side of the lower level. Please give me a brief overview on drain tile systems. Specifically, where should the water go after it has been collected in the tile. Mine seems to be draining into the basement and is causing a mess.


Water from drain tile, downspouts and all forms of ground and storm water collections systems must be diverted away from the structure. The two most common methods are:

(1) A storm sewer system which collects the water from many properties. (Most sanitary sewer systems don't allow for the introduction of storm water into the system.)

(2) An on site system which allows the water to be absorbed into the ground. These are

often called 'French drains', and are usually a pit or trench which is filled with gravel.

The footing drains at your home should have been designed with an outlet to one of these types of systems. - George