General Resources

  • Washington State Contractor Registration
    An easy to use online database with current information about licensed contractors in Washington State. (If you know of a similar service in other areas, please contact us.).
  • U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.
    Commission publications, news releases, products recalls and other valuable information.
  • Energy Outlet
    This site presents energy efficiency information for homeowners. The purpose of the site is to help homeowners make wise energy choices by promoting energy efficient products and services.
  • Listed below are several articles from the Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Oklahoma State University Online Safety Library: Carbon Monoxide
    Here you will find some very good information and links to more information about Carbon Monoxide (CO). They also have information on other safety topics: radon, mercury, noise...
  • National Easter Seal Society
    A resource of the National Easter Seal Society established to provide programs and services to meet the needs of people with disabilities. The site features a section on easy access housing.
  • The National Arbor Day Foundation has a great site about trees, how they can help save energy and how to prune them so that they don't damage your roof, clog your gutters and flood your basement.
  • Seattle Dept. of Construction and Land Use (DCLU)
    On-line information about building permits, land use, etc. With some very good information on: Preparing Your Home For An Earthquake, and Reducing Landslide and Storm water Erosion Damage and lots more.
  • Washington Toxics Coalition
    A non-profit, member-based organization dedicated to protecting public health and the environment by identifying and promoting alternatives to toxic chemicals. This is one of our favorite sites with great information on carpenter ants, pest control, etc...
  • Michigan State University Extension Service: Home Maintenance and Repair
    A very large resource with information about a variety of home and gardening issues: septic tanks, mold, cleaning... Some of the prices quoted are out of date but the information is very good.