Zone Heat

While most homes need some heat during the cold seasons in order to prevent moisture and freeze damage, it is not necessary to heat all parts of the house to your comfort level. For example, you should be able to keep all parts of a home at 55F in order to prevent damage and use a zone heating system to heat the room(s) that are in current use at the your comfort level. Such zone heating can be accomplished in a variety of ways. For example, good quality gas fireplaces can heat an area of your home and even by used as the primary heating source for that area.

A note of caution: portable electric heaters cause many fires. If you intend to use such heaters then it is mandatory that the electrical system and the heaters are safe and have the capacity for such an electrical Load.

Another note of caution: many Kerosine Heaters are not intended for interior use. They may produce Carbon Monoxide as does the burning of charcoal!