Custom Consulting Service

The Sound Home Consultant:
Phone Consultations for Your Construction Questions!

Our telephone consultations are designed to provide you with prompt consultations regarding home improvement and construction related issues.

This service is not a substitute for a physical inspection, engineering consultation or legal review. For more information about our services, qualifications or limitation of liability, please refer to the related section of The Sound Home Resource Center. These telephone consultations are designed to help you analyze your construction related issues, provide you with practical answers to your questions and direct you to the type of products and services that you may require.

You can click here to request a consultation today or keep reading for more information on our custom consultation service.

George is here to help you with your home improvement and construction questions. If you have a construction question that requires a rapid response and individualized analysis, this is the service for you! Here is how it works:

Scheduling - We will schedule a mutually convenient time to call you. We guarantee a scheduling availability within 2 working days. We can schedule appointments between 07:00 and 21:00 Pacific Time.

Background Information - In order to make the maximum use of the consultation time, you can send us some background information about the question or concern by: "snail mail", e-mail or fax. We will look at that information during the consultation. This information should include a brief outline of the question or problem. You may also include proposals, drawings and photos.

The Consultation - We will help you analyze the problems and suggest ways to proceed to a solution. This may involve one or more of the following steps:

  • identifying the exact nature of the problem;
  • identify alternative solutions
  • selecting the best solution; and,
  • identifying the resources needed to solve the problem.

Some Recent Examples

Our consultations are designed to help you solve the problems and issues at hand.

  • A client needed some help in deciding between a treated cedar shake roof and a standing seam metal roof. The consultation helped the client assess the relative quality of the various products, choose the roof they liked best and save several thousand dollars in the process.
  • By analyzing the heating and electrical needs of another client's home, we were able to come up with a way to solve some long standing electrical problems, upgrade the unsafe heating system AND save enough money to pay for a new gas kitchen range.
  • The proposal for an interior basement drainage system would have cost $6500. A 20-minute telephone consultation resulted in a design for a superior system with less disruption to the home and a construction cost of under $1700.
  • A client asked about mold problems and the need for testing. The real issue was a moisture problem. The telephone consultation resulted in suggestions for a step by step process to deal with current and future moisture problems.

For some additional insights about our services take a look at some of the mail we have received.

Our 100% Fee Refund Guarantee

We are so sure of our clients' complete satisfaction with the Custom Consulting Service that we offer a 100% fee refund guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our service, we will refund all of your fees.

If you have any doubts about our service, you can click here to see what our customers have to say!

Fees and Contact Information

George has been providing clients with telephone support for years. He has answered many thousands of questions on the air, on the internet and by phone. This service is prompt, low cost and guaranteed!

  • Standard Consultation - $70.00
    (Includes 20 minutes of consultation and any standard long distance charges within the US and Canada.)
  • Any additional consultation time - $25.00/10 minutes
    (Any additional consultation time usage is under the complete control of the client.)
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
    If, for any reason, your are not 100% satisfied with The Custom Consulting Service we will refund your entire consultation fee.
Note: Most consultations are successfully completed within 20 minutes.

You may want to fax us some material at:

Fax: (206) 522-5158

Copies of any material may be mailed to:

Sound Home Inspections Inc.
3801 NE 98th
Seattle, WA 98115-2534

Please don't send any original documents, plans or photos. Mailed material will not be returned.

Request a Consultation

Requesting a consultation is as simple as filling out a form on our web page! Simply click here and fill out the form to receive your consultation. Alternately, you may call the office to setup a time and payment at (206) 522-0282.

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