Bucket Boss

A Bucket Boss The best way to keep your tools organized and on hand! My wife will tell you that I am a "bit of a slob". That doesn't bother me, what does is not finding the right tool when I need it. Bucket organizers have not changed my basic "genetic makeup", but they have saved me a lot of time. I now have an overview of the tools. Nothing is hidden inside drawers etc. I have one bucket organizer at home, and the another one at the cabin.

7 1/4" Warm Drive Circular Saw

7 and 1/4" Warm Drive Circular Saw Yes, this saw is sometimes a bit too heavy, and my "copy" is about 25 years old, heavier than the new models. And the older models don't look as good as the new ones. But if I had to have just one saw, this would be it! Even though I have a small collection of circular saws, this is the one I use more than all the others combined.

6" "C" Clamp

6" "C" Clamp This is not a fancy tool, nor is it expensive. I find that I always need more good quality "C" clamps, and I suspect that there are very few tool collections with "enough" of these. By the way, they are also very handy for: car camping, holding up "car wash" posters, and fastening down the tarp on a rainy 4th of July picnic.

De Walt 14.4V Cordless Drill

De Walt 14.4V Cordless Drill This is an excellent choice for an "all around" drill. De Walt has returned to the tradition of making tools that work and last. I purchased the 18V model last year, I needed maximum power, and found the drill to the job in almost every heavy duty application! (It failed when I tried to cut a long 7/8" hole into wet timber).

4 Freud Wood Chisels

4 Freud Wood Chisels O.K., I admit it! I don't own a set of these - but I would sure like to own one! I own a more practical set...No, the real truth is that I own a small collection of worn and left over chisels from some more "practical" chisels sets. But, if you want a fine chisel set from a very good manufacturer...