Stuffed Olives and Dry Sherry - adapted by George


  • Deck food should be simple, elegant and exiting. Here is a recipe - if you can call it that - that fulfills all of those requirements and more. It is very simple and a wonderful way to serve something quite different and delicious. This combination makes for a great appetizer and a great alternative to the overdone chips and salsa routine.

    A confession: I waited until this point in the recipe to tell you that these olives are stuffed with anchovies. I wanted you to try these olives even if you hate anchovies. A can of these olives will only cost you about $4.00 and I can almost guarantee that you will love them!



    • Canned Anchovy Stuffed Olives (Available in specialty food stores and on the Internet.)
    • Dry "Fino" Sherry
    • Small glasses for the Sherry
    • A nice bowl for the olives
    • Tooth picks for the olives

    The Sherry should be refrigerated and served in small wine glasses, straight up and cold. No ice, no mixers... The stuffed olives come right out of the can. The biggest task with this recipe is to convince the first person to try the olives and sip the Sherry.