Smoked Trout or Salmon Anti-Pasta - adapted by George


  • On a trip to Italy we stayed for 3 days in Belagio (which has nothing in common with the place in Las Vegas by the same name). On the first night with went to a small tratoria along one of the staircases that meander up the hill. Our intention had been to splurge on one of the next nights and go to one of the more expensive restaurants in town. But the food and service was so good at this restaurant and so we ended up having dinner at the tratoria every night.

    Some of the food on the menu was quite elaborate and showed "mama's" skill. But some of the items on the menu showed the simplicity of Italian cooking at its best. I ordered the Smoked Trout anti-pasta on the last night. Its easy to prepare and makes for an elegant addition to a meal on your deck.

    I love the (fresh) smoked salmon available at Pure Food Fish in Seattle's Pike-Place Market. Expensive but very good!


    • Smoked trout, salmon or other smoked fish filets
    • Arugula
    • Lemon wedges
    • Some very good quality olive oil

    Wash and dry the arugula leaves and remove the stems. Line a platter with the arugula, arrange the smoked fish and lemon wedges on top of the arugula. The olive oil is then sprinkled on top of the fish. This can be done on the whole platter of individually.

    Serve with some crusty white bread and a nice crisp white wine.

    Simple you say? Not much of a recipe? I agree! But that's the beauty of this and many other fine anti-pasti. All it takes is some good ingredients and nice presentation. In this case, the combination of the smoked fish and the fresh taste of the arugula makes for a great treat.