Schinkenfleckerln - adapted by George


  • I recently received this email from a good friend and former professor.

    George: My only Austrian-born friend in Seattle, also a retired UW prof, asked me for a foolproof recipe for Schinkenfleckerln. Thinking of your mother's recipe and how you turned it into yummy reality, may I pass the query on to you? No rush. Looking forward to your next cyber postcard and to our next luncheon after your trip. - Peter

    Peter: I doubt if my mother ever measured the ingredients for her Schinkenfleckerln so I looked up some recipes in my cookbooks and on line. The recipes I found were close to those I remember and use but some of the ingredients were not quite the same. My mother never included caraway seeds, paprika, bread crumbs or yogurt. So, this recipe is far from being "foolproof" and as with most Viennese dishes, I suspect that there are many version for the "authentic" Schinkenfleckerln. Since Kaiser and King Franz Joseph the First is long gone there is no one around for any definitive judgment.

    Is this deck food? Why not? Its easy and delicious!

    • One 2 lb. bag of wide egg noodles (1/2" wide or so)
    • About 1 lb. of ham (not too lean) cut into 1/2" cubes.*
    • 4 eggs lightly beaten.
    • 1 qt. butter milk
    • 1 pint sour cream

    The Schinkenfleckerln can be baked and served in a casserole dish. I prefer using a Pyrex casserole - this allows me to see when the sides are nice and brown.

    Boil the noodles 'al dente' and drain the water. Mix the eggs, butter milk and sour cream. Pour the mixture over the noodles. Mix in the ham. The mixture should be quite wet and coat all of the noodles. Pour the mixture into a greased casserole dish.

    Bake in a 375F oven until the noodles at the top are brown and crunchy. Serve hot.

    We have tended to serve this with some ground parmesan type cheese and a dill pickle on the side. It also goes well with a green salad. Leftovers are great! Cut the cold Schinkenfleckerln into 1.5" slices and fry in a stick-proof pan until the sides are golden brown. - George

    * If not enough ham was used, my family would refer to this dish as "Schinkenfershtekareln" (sp?) Ham - hide and go seek.