Roasted Almonds by George

This recipe is not only easy, it can involve the help or your guests! You can buy raw almonds in bulk or larger bags at many discount grocery stores.


  • Spanish roasted almonds are often available in specialty food stores. Here is a much less expensive and in some ways better alternative. These roasted almonds can be served warm and your guests can help you in pealing/blanching the almonds.

    I never measure anything for this recipe but the following quantities might help:


    • One pound of raw almonds
    • A 12" frying pan with 1/4" of vegetable oil (e.g. Canola)
    • Salt


    Blanching the Almonds: Pour the almonds into a sauce pan. Cover with water and bring to a boil. As soon as the water starts boiling, drain the water and replace the water with cold water. This will loosen the almond skins. You can remove and test an almond before draining off the boiling water to make sure that the skins are loose.

    Slipping off the almond skins takes a bit of time but is quite easy. I like to give the job to some of my guests. I seat them at the other side of my kitchen island, pour them a glass of wine and cook some of the other foods while they remove the skins from the blanched almonds. The blanched and skinned almonds should be placed on a towel and dried out a bit before the frying process.

    Frying the Almonds: Heat the oil in the frying pan. When the oil is hot (but not smoking) carefully pour the pealed almonds into the oil. One pound of almonds should fit into a 12" frying pan (one layer deep). Stir the almonds around from time to time. The almonds will bubble for a while. As the bubbling calms down, the almonds will start turning color. I like them best when they have turned a light golden color. If they turn too dark they will have a burned taste.

    Drain the contents of the frying pan through a sieve. If you are making more than one batch, use a slotted spoon the remove the almonds from the pan and reuse the oil for the next batch.

    Place the fried almonds on several layers of paper towel and pad the almonds to remove more of the oil.

    Sprinkle the almonds with salt and serve.

    Serve with a iced "Fino" dry sherry and anchovy stuffed green olives (try them they are great!)