Painting Silicone Caulk


  • I just wanted to thank you for the great web site and maybe give you a tip:

    I noticed a posting about the problem of painting silicone caulk. I have been a painter and handyman for 20+ years and have run into this problem many times. I have found a good alternative to digging the nasty stuff out. If you clean the old caulk and apply a thin layer of good quality siliconized painters caulk it works great. It only takes a very thin layer and it solves the adherence problem.

    Thanks Again Michael Fahey the handyman Columbus IN


    Thanks for the tip!

    Your comment reminds me of a common "indicator" problem, i.e. a visible problem the is a good indicator for similar hidden problems in other areas of a construction.

    Messy caulking, the use of more than one caulking product, and the use of the wrong caulking product (e.g. tub caulking used on siding) are often good predictors of other problems in the construction. For example:

    • Does the "gob" of caulking hide missing flashing?
    • Is this a sign of ongoing leaks?
    • Did the party that made these mistakes also make other mistakes during the construction? or did the property owner hire a series of poor quality contractors? - George