A Manufactured Home Nightmare


  • Note: I have edited the following letter to remove the company and peoples names but I am not surprised by the story. I have seen many manufactured homes with similar defects and very few that I would consider "adequately built".

    A particularly sad aspect of such stories is that they often involve people of very limited means. Rich people don't tend to buy manufactured homes and if they do, they tend to buy some of the (few) better quality products.

    In addition, most manufactured homes loose value over time - just like most cars. Site built homes tend to increase in value. In other words, too many folks with limited incomes get talked into buying poor quality manufactured homes that have many problems, don't last and can make them sick. - George

    Our Story:

    This is the first brand new house we bought, this was a (well known brand) Manufacture Home. We bought it in 1991. We were so excited, we leased the land for 55 years. Than our nightmares began. We had problems after problems with the home. The contractor who put it in, was the guy who did the warranty. Well, Mr. X only did what he had to do and that wasn't much.

    The (well known brand) company told us when the warrantee year was almost up, they would continue to repair things, as they didn't have enough help at the time...

    Besides the rest of the defects in the home, our windows and our sliding glass door through out the house, had water in them so you couldn't see out . Our windows had a dark color of some sort, that we just couldn't seem to get rid of. With all the fighting we did, finally had a guy from the (well known brand) Manufacture Home come out in 1995. They looked at the home and agreed to put new windows in, that was 9 windows and a sliding door. The windows were made by the (low quality) window co. After the new windows and sliding door were put in, the windows got fogged up and had water in them. The problem wasn't solved.. Our (national brand) insurance co. told us that they wouldn't (or couldn't) do nothing, these problems were,'t covered.....

    We hired a lawyer who said it would cost us ten thousand dollars to do the case. We borrowed money. In the meantime experts came out to look at the windows and home. We found out the home had mold growing in it, as an expert took tests. We hired the lawyer on contingency, he gets 33% of what we (might) win. But we pay for all the experts, depositions and etc. More in debt we went...In 1999, an environmental Doctor looked at our home and examine us and told us the house was making us sick and we should move as soon as possible...What a scary thing to have to do. From experts we found out our land was never graded, so it wasn't level. That's why water would run under our home, and we didn't have no vapor barrier under our home. Which was required by the Manufacture Housing. The expert opened our sidling up, and there was no vapor barrier in the walls. That's why the nails were sunken in the walls. They opened up the wall where it was dark on the wall, and mold was growing in the board. I am probably missing a few more things. Our sidling is hard board. Two facts were learned in depositions, when the (well known brand) Manufacture Home guy came out to replace our windows, he saw what was happening. He called (well known brand) Manufacture Home and told them I believe about all the mold in our windows, and they told him to just replace the windows and leave...

    Than we found out, before we moved in, a pipe had broken, and the belly was sagged to the ground with water. So they went in and fixed the pipe, and left the insulation soaked and didn't repair the belly...We were never told about this until I believe in 1998, and read a deposition from one of the workers who worked there at the time. We also lean that we were suppose to get setup papers on the home, which we never got. Our windows had no flashing, like it should of been done. THIS IS A REQUIREMENT... We paid $85,000.00 for our home and it will cost over $95,000.00 or more to repair it. We are heavily in debt, now since August 1999, on paying for two places, $1,100.00 rent and $1,000.00 for a home we can't live in. And all the expenses of buying new furniture, because we couldn't take the ones out of the home. Buying a new home and ending with nightmares and debts, is the worst time of our lives. Now need Ten thousand more to go to court.

    Name and location witheld.

    By the way, I am not sure if a structure with so many defects is worth repairing.

    Good luck with your case. - George