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  • Karl's Drain System

    My offices are in the basement of my home. I have a nice view from my desk and can even see some of the Cascade Mountains. I can also see my neighbor Karl's home and yard.

    Karl has been struggling with minor basement water intrusion issue. In this particular case, and unlike most problem of this type, the problem appears to be the result of a "spring" next to the foundation. Karl (and I) are quite sure that most of this water is ground water and not surface or roof drainage water. The best evidence for this is the fact that there is some moisture along one wall even during dry periods.

    Over the years, Karl has been a great booster of my web site and recently decided to follow my suggestion and install a drain system for the water that comes from his sump pump and roof. This in turn gave me a great opportunity to 'kibitz' with Karl about this project and take a few photos.

    I will also try to get Karl to add some comments to this page and maybe tell us how this system works for him. - George

    Karl's Drain System Karl went 'all the way' and used ABS pipe to run the water from his sump pump and downspouts into the drain system. (4" PVC can also be used for this purpose.)

    Since this photo was taken, Karl has installed new downspouts and run them all the way into the drain lines. He is also re-grading the soil at the perimeter of the house in order to reduce the possibility of siding damage from soil/wood contact and for good access to the clean-out. Karl's Drain System After installing the drain lines, Karl lined the 'energy dissipation basin' with filter cloth and filled it with washed gravel. He then covered the gravel with the end of the filter cloth and covered the ditch with top soil.

    I am not sure what the next photo shows - but I had to include it on this page. Karl is particularly proud of still fitting into his 35 year old coat. G.

    Karl's Drain System