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The Sound Home Resource Center is your Internet source for easy to use, authoritative, and current home improvement information. The notes and articles contained in these pages are based on various newspaper articles, radio and television shows, and Sound Notes written and edited by George Guttmann. They are designed to assist you in making informed decisions about purchasing, constructing, remodeling, and maintaining your home. The Sound Home Resource Center statistics demonstrate an ever growing and loyal readership. Some of the most recent monthly data shows:

  • over 1,300,000 document accesses;
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Who is George Guttmann?


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George has worked in various aspects of construction most of his life. He developed his skills by working on projects with his father, and in various after school jobs.

As a Peace Corps Volunteer in the outskirts of Sao Paulo, Brazil, he helped administer and build a low income housing project.

George started to perform home inspections in 1978, as a side line to his award winning remodeling business. By 1987, he decided to concentrate on the home inspections and construction consulting aspects of his work, and restricted his remodeling activities to his own home and cabin on Camano Island.

George Guttmann was the president of Sound Home Inspections Inc. Before retiring, George was a leading home improvement expert. He specialized in pre-purchase inspections, construction inspections, construction consultation, and construction education. He has served as an expert witness in numerous construction cases.

His inspections presented a balanced picture of both the strengths and weaknesses of a home. These inspections were an interactive process, fully exploring the challenges and solutions of the property.

Although he has retired from home inspections, George speaks and writes about construction and home improvement. He is a contributor to various publications. He has also appeared on various television programs, and was the popular Saturday morning KING Radio's Home Improvement Expert.

George has won several awards for construction and remodeling, specifically for passive solar construction and energy efficient building techniques. George has written numerous columns for several newspapers around the country. He presents authoritative advice in response to readers questions about remodeling, constructing. or purchasing a new home. He is a knowledgeable voice in the home improvement industry, providing useful information in a personable and humorous manner. Rather than ramble on in technical jargon, he writes in a way that everyone can appreciate and understand. George writes occasional columns and articles for publications such as The Post Tribune in Gary, Indiana; The Seattle Times; The Stanwood/Camano News; and The Bulletin in Central Oregon.

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